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Fly Fishing School & Guide Service

Steve Yeomans with Fly Fishing Catch

As a full time fly fishing school & guide service endorsed by Orvis UK, Midlands Fly Fishing help beginners and experienced fly fishers, enjoy the thrills of fly fishing.

Graceful, relaxing, complex, energetic, exciting, fun, are all words to describe fly fishing. We understand it can also seem daunting to get started and frustrating when you struggle with more advanced skills.

We felt that way once too. More importantly, we overcame these challenges, developing processes to learn people, just like you, how to fly fish successfully.

Our range of fly fishing instruction has been designed to help you learn and have fun regardless of your experience level. Find out more about our fly fishing lessons, courses & casting tuition here!

Having mastered the basics of fly fishing, our guided fly fishing is a perfect way to maximize your limited fishing time, experience new challenges or enjoy a fly fishing break.

About Midlands Fly Fishing School

The midlands fly fishing school is owned and operated by Steve Yeomans. Steve has more than 30 years fly fishing experience in the UK, New Zealand and Canada, covering freshwater and saltwater. For 12 of those years he has been a qualified instructor and guide. Steve now holds the internationally recognised Federation of Fly Fishers Casting Instructor qualification and is an Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide.

Steve personally spends over 200 days each year coaching beginners and more experienced fly anglers, guiding visiting fly fishers and fishing himself. As a business, several hundred people annually, enjoy fly fishing at the Midlands Fly Fishing School.

Should time or geography be a barrier to joining Steve waterside, you can now learn with us online. Steve is a partner and presenter at Fly Fishing Lessons TV. To find out more, view our online video fly fishing lessons.

Why Book With Us?

  • We are the premier guide service in central england, set up in 1999
  • We help several hundred people enjoy fly fishing each year
  • Venues located conveniently to counties within the east midlands, west midlands and South England.
  • 99% of clients express being highly satisfied with our services
  • Our goal is for you to have fun, ending your trip a better fly fisher

We look forward to helping you take your fly fishing to another level!

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Steve Yeomans

Midlands Fly Fishing School

Midlands Flyfishing, 9 William Close, Forsbrook, Staffordshire, ST11 9AW, England
Tel: +44 (0)7901 744 869 | Email Midlands FlyFishing