Autumn Fly Fishing 2013

autumn fly fishing opportunities on lake and river.

The image says it all! You can enjoy everything with Autumn fly fishing: –

Brown trout, rainbow trout (big ones too), grayling, pike, river fishing or stillwaters, in autumn you just have to be waterside.

We are now at a wonderful time of year, enjoying fantastic river fly fishing for trout and grayling. While the trout season on our rivers ends by mid October, grayling fishing will continue until November 30th. Right now however, cooler temperatures are making lots of bug life drowsy, resulting in huge numbers taking a swim, much to the delight of trout and fly fisher alike. Net result, great dry fly fishing.

By the time river trouting ends, stillwaters will be hitting form. Already shorter day length and cooler temperatures are starting to cool lakes. Fly life wise, dopy terrestrial flies like wasps, beetles and lots of daddy long legs will be welcomed by cruising trout as will autumn caddis, olive and midge hatches. Nymph fishing, it’s hard to beat buzzers, sedge pupa and corixa.

However autumn stillwater fly fishing is all about tempting fry feeding trout. Watching a big rainbow sip down a floating fry or slam hard into your erratically twitched streamer is pretty damn good.

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