Fishing Report at May 9th 2017

Derbyshire Wye rainbow trout

Ross with a rainbow trout from Derbyshire’s river Wye. A stunning fish caught sight fishing in a stunning place!

With the river trout season in full swing and lakes fishing well, we are at that sweet spot during spring where the countryside looks as green and lush as it will all year and the fly fishing prospects are awesome!

Clients are having a ball on the river Wye Derbyshire, where the river is extremely clear and you watch trout eat your fly. Great fun to present a  weighted nymph to fish visible several feet down and watch their reactions. Likewise, the excitement of watching a deep lying trout move slowly up to inhale your dry fly, gets the adrenaline flowing for sure!

Nice rainbow during spring Stillwater fly fishing lesson

Nice rainbow during spring stillwater fly fishing lesson.

Lakes are at their spring best, good hatches mean quality dry fly and nymph fishing and some really nice fish are being caught (fighting like tigers too).

Topping everything off, we encountered the first Mayfly hatches last week in the Cotswolds, providing a taste of things to come. It was those magical 2-3 days when the trout seem not to know what to do with them and carried on munching through tiny black gnats and midges. That uncertainty won’t last long!

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