Fishing Report October 2013

October brought with it an end to our river trout fly fishing and a strong return to form of the stillwater fishing.

River fishing ended on the usual high, as trout fed aggressively prior to spawning. The mild weather provided a wealth of quality dry fly and nymph fishing. Typically, one of the best river trout caught during the the 2013 river season was landed, a fabulous male brown trout of 3.5lbs, exhibiting full spawning livery. This fabulous fish finally took a small shrimp after we had observed him feeding in a run. It took three changes of fly before he obliged and gave Pete (my client) one hell of a fight.


On the lakes, fishing has slowly improved during October. The mild weather we are enjoying has certainly delayed the usual autumn fishing bonanza, however it’s all kicking off now! Our final beginners fly fishing course of 2013 saw one attendee completely stunned (see above picture) as his second ever trout on fly was a magnificent 18lb rainbow trout. Lessons as always will continue throughout autumn and winter.

If you are visiting Loynton Fisheries in the coming weeks, be sure to have a supply of bloodworm, black buzzers, Diawl Bach nymphs, corixa and fry patterns. The rainbows are crunching roach and crayfish with abandon, though on settled days regularly switch to sipping midges and corixa.

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